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RGV Solar Alliance

At RGV Solar Alliance, we believe that transitioning to solar energy is not only beneficial for the environment but also for reducing energy costs and achieving energy independence in McAllen, TX & the RGV.

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We collaborate to deliver you thoughtful design and safe, efficient installation of solar energy systems such as solar hybrid systems, grid tie solar systems, and battery backup systems. We provide expertise and effective continuous system support with the goal of increasing the value of our customers’ and clients’ solar energy investments for installing solar panels in the RGV,  an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties alike and yes, we are local in the RGV!

Why Choose RGV Solar Alliance?

Above all, RGV Solar Alliance values sustainability, innovation & excellent customer service. You can trust us to bring you the best solar panel systems and services in McAllen, TX the Rio Grande Valley from a local solar installer.

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Energy Savings

Going solar is not only
cost- effective but also environmentally responsible.

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Solar Experts

We offer the most competent and well-trained solar experts in the RGV.

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Solar Technology

Our solar technology is at the forefront of the solar industry.

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Happy Customers Who Trusted Us

Go Solar, Go Eco-Friendly

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RGV Solar Alliance aims to help everyone access affordable, sustainable, clean solar-powered energy.

Together with your help, we can lower carbon footprints than ever before & create a better world for us & generations to come in McAllen, TX and the Rio Grande Valley.

Solar Panel Systems & Battery Backup

RGV Solar Alliance is the best-in-class solar panel systems, solutions & services. We offer clean solar energy maintenance and services locally in McAllen, TX & the RGV.

solar hybrid system

Solar Hybrid Systems

Unlock the power of the sun & save big on energy bills with our Solar Hybrid Systems. Combine solar, grid & battery power for uninterrupted energy supply.

grid tie system

Grid Tie Systems

Maximize your solar investment with our Grid Tie Systems. Convert solar energy into electricity, feed excess power back to the grid & reduce your bills!

solar battery backup

Solar Battery Backup

Ensure continuous power supply with our Solar Battery Backup. Store solar energy during the day & use it at night or during outages. Say goodbye to blackouts!

Solar Energy Is The Future

Using solar energy for your house's electricity and heating is an excellent way to minimize your carbon footprint, make your home more sustainable, and perhaps cut your energy expenses. The benefits are undeniably substantial.

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Solar Panel Services

Elevate your energy game with our Solar Panel Services. From installation to maintenance, we ensure optimal performance & savings. Go solar, go sustainable locally.

solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation

Boost your home's efficiency with our Solar Panel Installation services. Harness the sun's power for sustainable energy.

solar maintenance and repair

Solar Maintenance & Repair

Keep your solar system running smoothly with our Maintenance & Repair services. Maximize efficiency & savings.

Tesla EV Charging

EV Charging Setup

Upgrade your home with our EV Charging Setup. Enjoy the convenience of refueling your electric vehicle at home.

Ready to go Solar?

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RGV Solar Alliance

Ready to go Solar?

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